Senior Process Engineer

AMTS Sr. Process Engineer

Provide Architecture & Engineering Senior Process Engineer leadership with one or more of the following technical areas of expertise: Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Photovoltaics, Disc Drive, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Genomics, Additive Manufacturing, and Imaging.



Duties Include:

  • Evaluate client needs for Processes and Equipment (Tools).
  • Perform tool, process and materials research to support cost and capacity models, tool procurement, layouts, workflow and utility matrix definition.
  • Develop tool and HPM room layout concepts to support client process and workflow needs and safe chemical and gas handling.
  • Responsibility for chemical and gas elements of cleanroom and lab design from programming through construction administration.
  • Perform design calculations to insure adequate abatement and effluent treatment for air, liquid, solid waste streams.
  • Specify and design process systems, Ultra High Purity piping and plumbing for cleanrooms and Labs, including HPM and MEP support areas.
  • Develop environmental, health and safety plans for Cleanrooms, Labs, and hazardous process materials storage and dispensing.
  • Collaborate with Architects, Lab Planners, and MEP Engineers on Designs for Life Safety, Hazardous materials controls, Cleanliness, and other Manufacturing or Laboratory conditions to insure they meet User needs, Codes, Regulations and Standards required, for renovations and new construction.
  • Perform process equipment suitability analyses and select best tools for the task, based on technical and commercial requirements.
  • Collect and maintain equipment procurement, site preparation, and operational specifications for tools such as Deposition, Wet Process, Dry Etch, Photolithography, Characterization, Imaging, Bioprocessing, Prep Lab, and associated support equipment.
  • Support tool commissioning and process development
  • Support cost modeling efforts for new processes and products
  • Consult on manufacturability and yield improvement studies
  • Up to 50% travel required, including international and domestic travel.


  • Knowledge of and 8+ years’ experience with equipment and processes used in one or more of the following: Microelectronics/Nanotechnology (eg. Deposition, Wet Process, Dry Etch, Photolithography), Characterization/Testing, Imaging, Fermentation, Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing or Compounding, Additive Manufacturing.
  • Computer Skills required: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, Bluebeam. Must be proficient in Excel.
  • Writing Skills required: English language specification writing, reports, and memoranda.
  • US Citizenship or permanent residency required.
  • Knowledge of Chemical and Gases, purity requirements, and their compatibility with piping systems is required.
  • Professional Engineer license is a plus. Progress in job will require license within 1 year. Chemical Engineering preferred.
  • Tool install design experience is a plus.
  • AutoCAD and/or Revit Skills a plus.
  • Environment, health and safety experience and interest is a plus.
  • Experience in Cleanroom hazardous gas distribution is a requirement.
  • Experience with Codes and insurance requirements for use and storage of hazardous process materials a plus.
  • Cleanroom or Laboratory design experience is a plus.
  • Process integration and yield troubleshooting experience is a plus.
  • Tool selection, installation and/or start up experience is a plus.


  • BS in Materials, Physics, Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering
  • Professional Engineering (license is a plus)

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