Cleanroom Performance/ Certification Technician

AMTS is now hiring for a cleanroom performance technician.

We are looking for NEBB/CETA Cleanroom Performance and Certification Technicians to join our Cleanroom Performance Team. You must have completed training in cleanroom operations and certifying procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Have worked in this capacity on at least one other similar project
  • Will work directly under the supervision of the onsite project manager
  • Present a professional appearance and conduct
  • Understand customer service and satisfaction
  • Understand critical nature of all clean spaces
  • Use proper personal protective equipment
  • Takes initiative as an individual and team member
  • Need to understand emergency instructions and communicate basic safety terminology
  • Possess ability to understand one’s own physical limitations to the extent necessary to perform the necessary
    functions of the job

Position Requirements:

  • Have a minimum of two years cleanroom experience
  • NEBB/CETA Certification