Construction Coordinator (Superintendent)

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Lead, coordinate, and set-up project related meetings. Chair Functional Area Whiteboard team meetings. Coordinate tool level trade mobilization within the Functional Area Team. Ensure timely trade mobilization. Focus the trades on the activity, commit them to the activity, bind them to that commitment, and drive the contractor to the execution of the commitment. Attend team meetings as defined by client. Manage construction to the schedule. Participate in macro level scheduling and develop and drive micro level schedules to define each trade disciplines daily tasks. Ensure constructability and sequencing of tasks and hand-offs between contractors/vendors/tool owners for construction/demo activities. Identify, coordinate, and communicate detailed tasks and plans for execution of scope. Point of contact between tool owners and trades. Manage and execute paperwork and construction requirements for construction milestone.

  • Must have general understanding of construction sequencing using the latest construction industry standards
  • Must be familiar with utilities infrastructure in an industrial environment
  • Must be knowledgeable with tool start up and facilities turn on processes and procedures; knowledgeable with coordinating construction scope and schedule
  • Must be able to work in an ambiguous environment.
  • Must be in the field during the time trades are working, to enable immediate issue resolution in the field, escalate issues to superiors as appropriate.
  • Manage and execute paperwork and construction requirements for construction milestones
  • Walk utility lines/systems as part of install or ready to demo process to insure accuracy
  • Facilitates and actively participates in RFI process to minimize time between questions and quality solutions.
  • You will also be responsible for coordinating work among all trades, vendors, and stakeholders supporting construction.
  • Attend and participate in Safety Lessons Learned/Fact Findings.

Coordinate tool dock requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Maintain a professional customer service oriented attitude in all situations
  • Promote and maintain team atmosphere and attitude between ACs, IEs, PMs, TOs, SOs, Trades etc.…
  • May need to perform peripheral activities not specifically included in CC’s roles and responsibilities to ensure success.
  • Resolves BB/TI coordination issues; manage and issue work-order-change/ requests for factory tool vendors/move in/move out efforts where necessary
  • Participate in Design Review and support RFI process by providing construction management related information. Involve all the required parties to obtain solution when needed.

Great opportunity for Recent College Graduates!

Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management preferred

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