Frequently Asked Questions

Does AMTS have design and build capabilities?

Yes, AMTS has successfully managed the design and construction components of projects as large as $1B. In fact, AMTS capabilities have gone a step further to integrate commissioning. The ability to offer comprehensive and integrated project delivery, such as design and build commission, allows for significant cost, quality and schedule advantages to the client while providing direct and efficient project input through a single source and simplifying accountability of project success.

What types of facilities can AMTS help build?

AMTS has managed the design and construction of high technology facilities including Life Science, Data Centers, Research, Solar, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor facilities, and facilities on higher education campuses. We offer construction and project management, and facility solutions for all of these high tech markets at any stage, including complete ground-up builds, expansions, and repurposing. Additional facility solutions that AMTS provides include,

  • Equipment relocation
  • Equipment and facility retrofits or decommissioning
  • Sourcing OEM alternatives
  • Facility/utility services capacity consultation
  • Facility expansion scenario planning consultation

What types of Construction Management Programs does AMTS have?

We offer all critical construction management programs to include, scopes from design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and commissioning/validation. We have expertise to include,

  • Pre-project planning
  • Procurement solutions
  • Schedule management (ex: pull planning)
  • Routing coordination
  • Safety program management
  • Construction oversight (design and code compliance)
  • Cost control management
  • Commissioning solutions
  • Design services

Does AMTS offer additional services once a new facility has been built?

Yes, once your facility has been built, AMTS can help you maintain the integrity of your facility’s performance. For example, if you have just built a cleanroom, AMTS can consult with your day-to-day operations teams to implement preventative maintenance and develop customized schedules and maintenance programs.
Through our Quality Services business, we offer expertise across a wide range of markets, including Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Data Centers, Solar and Technology and Research markets. Our total project management programs help reduce operational facility costs while improving both schedule and product quality.

Does AMTS only provide construction solutions?

No – Through our three other companies, AM Life Science, AM Cleanroom Build & Performance, and AM Quality Services, we offer a multitude of solutions and services. Please visit their websites to learn more about each company and its capabilities.

What is AMTS’ range of project size capabilities? (OR) What size of projects does AMTS work on?

AMTS has managed over $20 billion of global capital for over 170 different customers in 15 different countries. Some project range samples include,

Facility Size (Sq. Ft.) Project Value
2,000 $1 Million
150,000 $5 Million
100,000 $150 Million
1,000,000 $900 Million
>500,000 $1 Billion

What is the safety record for AMTS?

Our incident rate 5-year average is over 9 times better than the current rate for our industry segment. We are recipients of the ConstructSecure, Inc. Safety Assessment Platinum Award, and in both 2016 and 2017, we experienced zero OSHA recordable injuries/illnesses for an OSHA Incident Rate of 0.

How does AMTS handle change orders?

We operate on an owner advocate model. Our leadership is focused on doing what’s right for our customers and not on how much revenue we can generate from a project. Our project management approach includes constraints and variation management to assure on-time delivery at a high level of quality, and within budget – no surprises, no change orders.

How does AMTS balance between the goals of cost, quality, and speed?

We do what is right and not what is most profitable. We provide full accountability and drive all three project deliverables. We don’t operate on a “pick two” program. We focus on completing projects right the first time, which drives lower cost and faster completion.